Widgie North

At the heart of the Mt Edwards Project is Widgie North. Within the Mt Edwards anticline region in the central zone, there is a highly mineralised package of ultramafic rocks (the Widgiemooltha Komatiite) that extends from just north of the Widgiemooltha Dome to the Spargoville area, a compact distance of about 13km.

The known deposits in the Mt Edwards anticline region were all discovered in the late 1960s, with the exception of the Armstrong deposit which was discovered in 1980.

The deposits in this area are integral to the Mt Edwards Project and include; the Mt Edwards 26N Deposit (12,400t Ni), the Armstrong Deposit (13,820t Ni), the McEwen Deposit (15,340t Ni) and the McEwen Hangingwall Deposit (26,110t Ni), Munda (7,140t Ni), Zabel (6,360t Ni), Cooke (2,000t Ni) and 132 N (9,050t Ni).

The nickel endowment at 26N was upgraded by 51% in June 2021, highlighting the considerable upside potential at Mt Edwards more advanced deposits.